The PwC Global CEO Survey Report for 2015 identifies over-regulation, availability of key skills, and the government response to fiscal deficit and debt burden as the three biggest threats to organizational growth worldwide.

imoveri is not surprised. The contemporary labor markets develop in such a way that the old 'one-size-fits-all'-model has become obsolete. Companies must now recruit and retain key employees on their own right accord – often with an increasing focus on costs. Our Total Rewards Value Solution has been developed to address these challenges and help companies make the decisions that are the best for them.

Despite these threats, most Swedish CEOs in the study are generally more optimistic about the economic growth than their global colleagues. 34 % of Swedish CEOs believe in an economic growth the next year, 57 % of Swedish CEOs believe that the economic growth will stay the same, and only 9 % of Swedish CEOs believe in a declining economic growth – compared to 13 % in the Nordic countries and 17 % worldwide.

- The year of 2015 will hopefully be a prosperous and developing one. imoveri will keep focusing on helping companies streamline their compensation and benefits costs to their employee's preferences, and thereby bring down costs while at the same time increasing employee satisfaction and retaining key skills in the company. The PWC Global CEO Survey report shows that our service offering comes very timely to meet the threats of 2015. The Total Rewards Value Solution does not only decrease costs and retain key skills in the organization, it also implements a type of self-regulation in the labor markets that is in the interests of both the employees and the employers. It could therefore serve as solution to the threat of over-regulation, says Rolf Berg, founding partner of imoveri.

The PwC Global CEO Survey Report can be found here (in Swedish)

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