"We must see a rebirth of the concept of leadership", says Erik Ringertz, CEO of Netlight in an article in Chef. This prize-winning and appraised leader discusses the leadership of the future together with a number of experts in connection with a survey conducted by Chef.

In the survey, which included over 1000 respondents in leading positions, the ability to drive change (25 %), communication skills (15 %) and coaching (13 %) scored as the most important leadership skills. The biggest challenges were to attract and retain talents (17 %), to motivate and find what drives employees (12 %) and direct all employees in the same direction (9 %).

The expert panel agreed that these relational skills and knowledge about human people are more important than various administrative skills and competencies to the leadership of the future.

Medical doctor and brain researcher Katarina Gospic furthermore emphasizes that a sustainable leadership needs to be grounded in scientific knowledge and not in opinions and taste.

- The study by Chef underscores what imoveri has emphasized for some time now. The most attractive and successful companies will be those that have the knowledge of what motivates and retains employees. One cannot look back and see how others have designed compensation and benefits programs in the past. Companies must instead seek knowledge and take the destiny in their own hands. Then, large sums of money will not be spent in investments that do not yield any results. Such informed decisions must be grounded in knowledge of what the employees value. This is precisely what imoveri's Total Rewards Value Solution brings to those who wants to be the leaders of the future, says Rolf Berg, founding partner of imoveri.

The article in Chef can be found here (in Swedish)

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